The Wenty Project

The team at Davies Carpentry and Renovations have taken on the challenge of
restoring a beautiful old weatherboard classic in the Blue Mountains village of
Wentworth Falls. Built in 1915, Burnbank had sat vacant and  neglected for many
years as the Roads & Maritime Services worked on widening the Great Western
Highway. Now this section of the GWH is complete, it is time to bring this
valuable piece of history back to life.
Follow our progress as we scrape back the paint, replace the rotting timbers
and transform this heritage property into a beautiful family home.
 wenty3.8.13024(2).jpg - large


Peel Away pain. Working on removing 100 years of paint layers, that cover the ornate cornices has been a labour of love with much trial and error. 


The undercoating begins. After months of scraping paint, it's finally time to protect this beautiful old timber with a well needed undercoat.


Unearthing the old toilet. Ash is feeling like Indiana Jones on an archaeological dig, as he discovers what appears to be the original toilet.



Much of the rock for the stone wall was excavated from the back yard. A wonderful mix of sandstone, ironstone and volcanic conglomerates have resulted in a beautiful wall to compliment the house and garage.